Samsung drops SAMOLED brand before launch of Galaxy S11

Samsung drops SAMOLED brand before launch of Galaxy S11

Samsung has filed this Monday, November 11 the brand SAMOLED in the category martphone Screen at the Korean Bureau for Intellectual Property. Which could mean that the Galaxy S11 slab would change its name again. Other rumors evoke as for them the different colors of the device available at its release.

A new leak to add to the list of Galaxy S11. After revealing the size of the three screens available for the S11 , we learned that Samsung has deposited this Monday, November 11, 2019 an unpublished brand with the Korean Bureau for Intellectual Property. His name, SAMOLED. If its name does not really provide information, the category in which it was filed intrigues more: Smartphone screen. This change of name probably means that Samsung is developing a new screen technology for its future devices.

Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Buds: several colors available at the exit

According to the famous leaker Ishan Agarwal, the Samsung Galaxy S11 in its standard version will be available in three different colors: black, gray and blue. The entry-level model, the Galaxy S11e, will be offered in blue, gray, and shade of pink. Other colors should emerge. In addition, the leaker reveals three new colors for the future Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite . The first will be available in black, blue and white and the second in red, silver and shades of black.

Samsung drops SAMOLED brand before launch of Galaxy S11

Samsung would also floor on new Galaxy Buds which here is the serial number: SM-175. Wireless headphones should be available in four different colors: blue, pink, black and white. These unpublished Galaxy Buds could well accompany the release of the Galaxy S11 in 2020 .

As a reminder, the Samsung Galaxy S11 should be unveiled in the course of February 2020 . According to numerous leaks and rumors that have emanated on the web, we know in particular that the device could benefit from a face recognition system much better than FaceID . Or it will have a battery of 3800 mAh and it could be equipped with a ”  Space Zoom”,  a new software to zoom without losing image quality.

Source : GSM Arena


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