Test : the HolyHigh, a sport-oriented GPS connected watch

Here is our review and rating for the HolyHigh Sport Smart Watch.

Suggested Note:

Whether you are in sports or not, the HolyHigh is a smart GPS watch that adapts to all types of users. 

It is able to calculate your number of steps or calories burned, help you set a goal, plot your course or measure the intensity of your physical efforts during 17 activities. In addition to its abilities, it is a good everyday partner. 

Anyway, the HolyHigh is a smart watch with beautiful design, which is versatile and effective, and for less than $100. An attractive price as well as its functions.

HolyHigh Smart Watch Test:

HolyHigh is a high-tech brand specializing in the design of smart watches, activity trackers and audio devices.

For the first time, we tested one of their products, a GPS sports watch. It is aimed at all types of users and offers many features that can delight the most seasoned athletes.

Accomplished, the Holy High fitness tracker also measures your heart rate and analyzes the quality of your sleep for less than $100.

To learn more about this amazing Smart watch and its features, read our full test of HolyHigh.

Price and availability:

The HolyHigh GPS watch is on sale on the official website of the brand , at $ 79.96 with free delivery on Amazon,
Two to three times less expensive than the Fitbit Versa Lite and Amazfit GTS smart watches , the HolyHigh has the same features and the same sport orientation.

The Garmin Vivo sport activity tracker , for example, also costs less than $100 on Amazon and offers a more complete application. Nevertheless, our HolyHigh sports a bigger screen and a more beautiful design.

Based on its price, we are placing the HolyHigh GPS sports watch in the category of mid-range products. Now, let’s see if its features and technical features confirm this idea.

Design of the Smart watch HolyHigh:

At first glance, the HolyHigh watch sports a design that is familiar to us. Indeed, its elegant look is very similar to that of the well-known Apple Watch, which is not displeasing to us. Its black, adjustable and silicone strap is surmounted by a square plastic dial.

Its wallpaper is customize-able, you have the choice between a dozen models to select directly in the settings of the watch.

Overall, the watch looks awesome on a small wrist like ours, however its lightness has made us forget. holyhigh_sports_Smart_watch_review CHECK ON AMAZON

Its LCD screen is solid and big enough to read notifications without frowning. The display is, meanwhile, very bright and therefore readable even when you are in full sun. You will see the battery level of your device, the power saving mode option and the night mode.

The color screen of the HolyHigh has a resolution of 240 x 240. It activates when you move your wrist or simply by pressing its side controls.

holyhigh_sports_Smart_watch_reviewIndeed, in addition to being tactile, it accommodates three physical buttons on each side to further facilitate its use and navigation, as on the Amazfit GTS.

On the back, you will find its Li-polymer battery and three essential sensors to measure your heart rate.

All finesse, its design is very neat and it dresses your wrist with style.

Features, navigation and use of the GPS watch:

The watch easily synced via Bluetooth to our iPhone. As a result, the time and date are automatically set.

The HolyHigh offers everything you expect from a smart watch. Whether it is the heart rate sensor, the blood pressure monitor, the pedometer, the sleep analysis, the calculation of calories burned or the distance traveled, everything is there to benefit from a precise physical follow-up in time. real.

This GPS watch helps you achieve your sports or wellness goals on a daily basis.holyhigh_sports_Smart_watch_reviewSwipe the screen from top to bottom to get all the details of your activity and to the right to access your health details and all the proposed functions (compass, stopwatch …)

Whether you are a fan of running, walking, cycling or hiking, once the activity is selected on your HolyHigh, the GPS is automatically activated, do not be afraid to get lost. And, the advantage is that you can track your journey, not to mention that you will not need your smartphone.

Swipe left and enjoy 17 sports modes from tennis to ball games to swimming. Note that for this activity, the HolyHigh is waterproof up to 50 meters thanks to its IP68 rating.
Be careful not to use it in diving and we even advise to avoid contact with salt water.holyhigh_sports_Smart_watch_review CHECK ON AMAZON

We find it perfectly legitimate to satisfy your taste of the competition since it helps you to record more than 7 detailed data such as gestures, distance or speed.

Its only problem is that we would have liked it to detect the activity automatically. As a result, you will have to go to the menu to select which sport you want to practice.

Its precision is such that we took it as a reference during our fitness. All the steps we did during the test were calculated at the foot.

On a daily basis, we were able to keep an eye on our calories burned and the amount of time spent on a specific distance.

The HolyHigh is a true ally, whether you are a determined athlete or not. If you want to control your watch by voice then we recommend the Fitbit Versa 2 .

You will enjoy receiving notifications of your messages, your emails or your social network alerts. Nevertheless, it is impossible to answer since HolyHigh.holyhigh_sports_Smart_watch_reviewFinally, note that all your data and all your results will be deleted automatically after 6 days of use, however you will find them (normally) on the dedicated application.

The HolyHigh and its iWOWNFIT application:

To optimize its use, the brand has designed iWOWNFIT, an app available on iOS and Android. It is very intuitive in its colors, clear and complete; thanks to it, recover your results and set goals. It is very fluid, so you juggle with ease between options.

After your race, access all the analysis of your stride, your average speed and your heart rate.

On the other hand, during our test, we were disappointed to see that after a few days without using our HolyHigh all the data on our application was removed.

We hope this is just a bug on our account or phone and you will not have the same experience.

Amazing autonomy:

On the side of the battery, we were pleasantly surprised by its autonomy worthy of that of a Fitbit Versa 2 which however costs $249.95.

We were able to enjoy its features for over a week without even worrying about its load.

Once run out of juice, it is very easy to reload. Simply clip your HolyHigh on its detachable base, its recharge is provided by a magnetic contact between the two. holyhigh_sports_Smart_watch_review CHECK ON AMAZON

All you need to do is connect the base with the supplied USB C cable to the watch and via its micro USB port.

Its charging time is also very fast, count only one hour and a half to reach 100%, your wrist never stays naked for a long time.

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